Frequently Asked Questions

A. CMT Webtools is a self-serve grab-tool providing easy copy and paste functionality for the promotions of your interest. First locate your artist, show and/or event of interest through the left hand navigation column. Once the promotion you seek appears, click on the graphic or text caption for promotion details. For graphic banners related to the chosen promotion, you're presented sizing options to better fit your site design. Decide on the size of the banner you wish to use, and copy the selected HTML below the banner. Paste the code in the appropriate location within your Web site. Repeat for related captions.
A. A variety of benefits exist when utilizing the promotions in CMT Webtools. First and foremost, you gain easy access to a great new platform for online promotions.

Second, you provide fresh, exciting new content on your Web site to enhance your user experience with additional information and interaction. Viewers repeatedly return to your site for not only the entertainment experience but also as a reliable expert source of specific data.

Third, you surround yourself in a digital "community" of expertise and relevance. As others utilize the CMT Webtools functionality for similar interests, everyone becomes united in the digital neighborhood. CMT Webtools enables more and more Web sites to post promotions, not only exponentially advancing the two benefits above, but together, all rise in Google, Yahoo! and MSN search rankings. With higher rankings for everyone in the "community," your promotion gains more attention and clicks from the masses.
A. Absolutely. CMT Webtools provides complete HTML code so that anyone, from novice to the most advanced programmer, can easily copy from Webtools and paste content into their Web site.
A. Yes. Take advantage of the Anchor Text Caption to better describe the graphic and your messaging. Please feel free to request a custom caption as well.

For example, once you have chosen your artist, show and/or event of interest through the left-hand navigation, and once you have clicked on the graphic for promotion details, notice a horizontal navigation at the top of the page. This navigation provides more content available to the specific promotion chosen. Click on "Anchor Text Caption," to copy and paste the HTML for the related text captions.
A. Yes. Feel free to post as many banners and anchor text captions as you would like. We provide custom graphics for the various CMT promotions and events. The variety will help add great content to your Web sites and pages, as well as helping to keep your audience informed and pleased with their visit to your site.
A. Absolutely. Please contact CMT Webtools at We welcome your special requests and will attempt to help as much as possible. Due to the volume of requests, please allow appropriate turnaround time.